User management

Inviting users via direct CSV import

Inviting users via direct CSV import

Note: To get a user account and join a company account in the SEEBURGERCustomer Portal, users can either be invited by the administrator or app manager or register by themselves and thus request to join the company account.

Information: The first user of a company who registers in the SEEBURGERCustomer Portal automatically becomes the administrator of the company account and can invite further users.

App managers can also invite users, but to a limited extent.

> App manager feature

There are different ways to invite users to the SEEBURGER Customer Portal. You can get an overview of all options here:

> Inviting users to the SEEBURGER Customer Portal

Note: If you want to invite a user whose email domain has not yet been added for your company, you need to add this domain before inviting them. The linked instruction will also help you to find out which domains have already been added.

> Adding new domains

To invite new users to the SEEBURGER Customer Portal via direct CSV import, follow these steps:

  1. Open the app Administration.

  2. Open the menu item User Management > Users.

  3. Click Invite.

  4. Select via direct CSV import.

  5. In the section CSV Upload click Download CSV Template to get a correctly formatted file template.

    Information: You can edit, save and upload this template.
  6. Open the CSV template and enter the personal data of the users into the columns.

    • Enter the personal data such as Email Address, Salutation, First Name, Last Name, Department, Phone and Fax.
    • In the column Invitation Language Code, enter in lower case the official language code of the language in which the invitation is to be sent to the users, e.g. "en". The default language is English.
    • In the column Reference User (Email Address), enter the email address of an existing user in your company, if required. The invited users will then be assigned the same services, organizational units, and additional permissions that the reference user has.
    • In the column Assign Admin Rights (0/1), enter "1" if you want to assign admin rights to the corresponding user and "0" if you do not want the user to have admin rights.

Note: You can assign services, organizational units and additional permissions also after inviting users.You do not need to assign them simultaneously with the invitation.

> Assigning services and access rights to users

> Assigning users/system users to an organization unit

> Assigning additional permissions to users

  1. Save the completed CSV file.

  2. Return to the invitation screen in the app.

  3. In the section CSV Upload click Upload and upload the completed CSV file.

  4. Click Import.

The invited users are shown in the user overview with the status Invited.The invited user receives an email with an activation link for the registration in the SEEBURGERCustomer Portal. If the user completes the registration, the status changes from Invited to User. If the user was assigned administrator rights with the invitation, then their status changes from Invited to Administrator.

Find more information here:

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