User management

Confirming user requests automatically

Confirming user requests automatically

Note: To be assigned to a company in the SEEBURGERCustomer Portal, users can either be invited by the administrator or app manager or register themselves and thus make a request to the administrator.

Requests from users who register themselves for a company in the SEEBURGERCustomer Portal and whose domain is already registered in this company can be confirmed automatically.

To activate automatic confirmation of user requests as an administrator, follow these steps:

  1. Open the app Administration.

  2. Open the menu item Company Management > Configuration.

  3. Set a check mark in the field Automatic confirmation of registrations.

  4. Select the email address of an existing user in the field Reference User, if needed. The registered user is then assigned the same access rights and organization units that the reference user has.

    When the user details of the reference user are changed, you will be informed that these changes will also apply to future users whose requests will be automatically confirmed.
    If you want to delete the reference user, you will be informed that after deletion there will be no more reference user for automatic confirmation of requests.
  5. Click Save.

Users who have been automatically confirmed are displayed as User in the column Status in the menu item Users.