Setup of your Peppol Access Point

Setup of your Peppol Access Point

Note: To set up your Peppol Access Point, an entry in the B2B Directory is required. This entry is automatically created when you open the app PEPPOL for the first time. If needed, you can create a new entry yourself.

> Creating new B2B Directory entries

Note: The required access rights for the setup within the different apps can be assigned in the app Administration.

Setting up your Peppol Access Point includes the following steps in the mentioned apps:

  1. Creating your Peppol ID for sending messages in the app PEPPOL

    > Creating new Peppol IDs

  2. If you want to receive and send messages, activating the reception of messages in the app PEPPOL

    > Activating the reception of messages for your Peppol ID

  3. Creating a document profile for your Peppol ID if you want to receive messages in the app PEPPOL

    > Creating new document profiles

  4. Setting up your connection to the SEEBURGER Cloud in the app B2B Directory

    > Creation of cloudlinks

  5. Setting up your EDI system with the datasheets and certificates of SEEBURGER

    > Connect the Cloud

  6. Setting up a firewall rule so it allows you to receive messages from the SEEBURGER Cloud. This is also relevant for receiving status messages.

  7. Monitoring of your messages sent or received via the Peppol Access Point in the app B2B Routing.