Troubleshooting for starting the login session

Troubleshooting for starting the login session

If you have trouble with starting the login session, we recommend to first open a command line window and use this window to start the frontend. {bat,sh} command with the -console option. This way the messages of the BIS Front End are displayed in this command line window.

The options -h and --help show all further available command line options.

You might see the following error messages:

"You started an expired version of BIS Front End"

This message is caused by a version mismatch between the downloaded libraries and the server. Usually, the new versions should be fetched automatically upon start. If this message shows up nevertheless, or you did other software changes (like restoring a backup), then you need to download the stand-alone BIS Front End again and replace the existing local installation. It is important that you delete the folder content or unpack to a new empty location.

This error might also happen if the BIS Admin Server is not started or cannot be reached. In this case, please try if you can actually log in to the BIS Portal before you try again.

"Could not authenticate user/connection refused"

This message is displayed on the console in some cases when the network connection to the BIS Admin Server cannot be established, or when the server is currently starting up or shutting down.

Note: In this case, please try again when this problem is solved.

Information: Please see the BIS Release Notes for further issues. The release notes are sent via email after every BIS update and contain a New and Noteworthy section, a Known Issues section and a BIS Changelog.