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MFT Packaged Solution

MFT Packaged Solution

The MFT Packaged Solution is a modular set of preconfigured entities for the configuration of business processes for non-B2B use cases, like Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) or API integration. The MFT Packaged Solution is deployed within the system provisioning.

The MFT Packaged Solution can also be used for the implementation of complex processes since this solution is very flexible in use. In general, there is one linear process with many possible branches which can be configured in a very variable way.

The MFT Packaged Solution and the B2B Packaged Solution can be used in parallel as both solutions cover different integration scenarios.

Note: We strongly recommend to use naming conventions defined in cooperation with SEEBURGER. This way, the SEEBURGER consultant can find your configuration more quickly if a support case should arise.

New features and all changes or bug fixes are described in the solution release notes. For getting an update of the B2B Packaged Solution, you need to make a change request at the Service Desk or ask your SEEBURGER consultant to do so.

Information: SEEBURGER will perform the updates on the staging environment first. You will then be responsible for testing the regression impact of updates.

With your confirmation, SEEBURGER will update the production environment.

> Making a change request

You can find user manuals and release notes for the B2B Packaged Solution in the app Documentation in your BIS Portal. Search for the manuals MFT Release Notes/MFT Sol. Documentation.