Trading partner onboarding

Onboarding partners initially via BIS

Onboarding partners initially via BIS

You can configure the connections to your trading partners in the BIS Front End. SEEBURGER only provides the URLs for your trading partners to reach the BIS.

Information: If you have not worked with the BIS Front End before, we strongly recommend to take one of our training courses: BIS 6 Basics and BIS 6 Advanced.

> Training courses

Note: The configuration of your trading partner connection needs to be done in the iPaaS staging environment. The configuration can then be moved to the productive environment via the Move to Production (MTP) tool, that means the Change Requests node in the BIS Front End.

> Concept of staging and production environment

To configure a partner connection, follow these steps:

  1. Open the BIS Front End on the staging environment.

  2. Open the menu item Adapters.

  3. Select the adapter you want to use for the partner connection.

You can configure the connection to your partner. The adapters may require different data or settings.

You can find user manuals for each of the adapters in the app Documentation in your BIS Portal. Search for the manual Communication adapters.