Trading partner onboarding

Trading partner onboarding via BIS

Trading partner onboarding via BIS

As iPaaS customer, you can do the trading partner onboarding via the BIS directly using different protocols. In this case, you can configure connections and maintain them yourself, for example exchange certificates.

The following protocols are supported:

  • AS2


  • OFTP2

  • SFTP (as client to external server)

  • FTPS (as client to external server)

If you want to use an SFTP server, you need to book the Communication Service Addendum via your SEEBURGER contact to use the SEEBURGER Cloud Gateway.

Note: Please let SEEBURGER know which protocols/endpoints you want to use on your iPaaS BIS by making a change request at the Service Desk. SEEBURGER will then send you the URLs and ports to use for your trading partners.

Note: Per default, SEEBURGER allows URLs with the standard ports 80 and 443 for outgoing HTTP(S) connections from your system. All other ports and protocols need to be enabled in the firewall. For firewall changes, please make a change request at the Service Desk.

Note: Because IPv4 addresses are very limited, SEEBURGER has to share external IP addresses for multiple communication protocols, systems and customers if trading partners are connected directly to a single system (direct connection). To separate such direct connections for different customers, systems and protocols, different ports are used.

For instance, providing multiple OFTP2 listeners for one external IPv4 address, each listener gets its own port like 6620, 6621, 6622, …Therefore, it is not possible to provide typical ports like 6619 for OFTP2 on a single iPaaS system.

​If you have trading partners who require a specific port like 6619, these trading partners need to be connected via the SEEBURGER Cloud Gateway by booking the Communication Service Addendum.

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