Searching for Peppol messages

Searching for Peppol messages
  1. Open the app B2B Routing.

    Information: Some search conditions are already displayed as default. If you do not need these search conditions, you can leave them without entering a search value or delete them.
  2. Click Add Criterion.

  3. In the first field, select Service as the criterion.

  4. In the second field, select is equal to as the operator.

  5. In the third field, select PEPPOL as the search value.

    Information: If you want to narrow down your search with further criteria, you can enter search values to one or more of the displayed default search criteria or add additional search criteria by repeating step 2.
  6. Click Search.

The new tab Result opens.You will find all messages that meet your search criteria in this tab. To modify your search criteria, go back to the tab Search.