The Peppol ID

The Peppol ID

The Peppol ID is used to clearly identify connected partners during the exchange of messages. If Peppol is used only for sending messages, the sender must not be officially registered at Peppol, but is required to use a Peppol ID.

    The Peppol ID follows a scheme predefined by Peppol. In many countries, this ID consists of two parts separated by a colon. The first part represents the scheme, the second part represents the ID in the corresponding format. For example, see the following Peppol IDs:

  • 9930:DE123456789

    • Scheme 9930 = “DE:VAT” followed by a German VAT

  • 0204:991-1234512345-06*

    • Scheme 0204 = “DE:LWID” followed by a German Leitweg ID

You can find a list of all possible identifier schemes in the app PEPPOL and on the official Peppol website in the list of Participant Identifier Schemes.

> Go to Peppol website

The Peppol ID is created within the app PEPPOL in the SEEBURGER Customer Portal. All predefined schemes are included in the app, so that the created Peppol ID complies with the rules specified by Peppol. After the creation, this Peppol ID will be used for the exchange of messages via the SEEBURGER Cloud.

If you are sending messages via the Peppol network, no further registration or activation is required. If you are sending and receiving messages, you have to activate the reception of messages. Your Peppol ID is then automatically registered at the SEEBURGER SMP (Service Metadata Publisher). Once this registration is successfully finished, sending and receiving messages is automatically activated for your Peppol ID.

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