SLA reports

SLA reports

An SLA report is a contractually agreed report that is provided to customers by the 10th of each month. It shows the performance of your service for that period. SLA reports are available for the following services: Cloud Integration Managed Services, Cloud Integration Managed Services for SAP GTS and iPaaS.

An SLA report summarizes the processing for your service.

    The SLA report includes for example the following contract parameters:

  • Availability of the service

  • Data volume (quantity and volume)

  • Average processing time

  • Average file size

  • Change requests overview

The SLA report shows the current status of the service on a monthly basis. SLA reports are made available to you accordingly on a monthly basis in the menu item Reports for viewing and downloading.

By default, the menu item Reports is displayed for administrators if SLA reports are generally available for the booked services. In addition, users can also view SLA reports if they have been assigned the role Report Recipient in the tab Additional Menu Items by an administrator.

> Assigning additional menu items to users

For questions around your SLA report, please contact the Cloud Support via the Service Desk or your service manager, if available.

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