Company management

Setting up company details

Setting up company details

To set up a company as an administrator, follow these steps:

  1. Open the app Administration.

  2. Open the menu item Company Management > Company.

  3. In the tab Details, fill in at least the field Company.

    Note: The email address that you enter in the section eInvoicing: Invoice Recipient is automatically used as the invoice address for bookings in the menu item Cloud Shop. If you enter a new invoice address in the Cloud Shop, this address is automatically updated here in the menu item Company Management.
Information: If you enter a contact in the section Payment Information, this does not mean that you are inviting the contact to the SEEBURGERCustomer Portal. You can invite users via the menu item Users.
  1. Save your entries.

    Note: In the tab Domains, you can add new domains or remove existing domains.
  2. Switch to the tab Domains.

    Note: For your company, at least one domain is required. This domain is necessary for the employees of your company to log in to the SEEBURGERCustomer Portal with their business email address.

Find more information here:

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