Navigating the SEEBURGER Customer Portal

Navigating the SEEBURGER Customer Portal

Navigation in the SEEBURGERCustomer Portal takes place via the start screen and the permanently visible upper navigation bar.



1. Starting and closing of apps

You open apps via the menu item Start in the app Administration. Click on one of the service symbols and the app opens in the foreground. The name of the newly opened app is displayed in a tab in the upper navigation bar. It is possible to use multiple apps at the same time. The app in the foreground is displayed in a blue tab in the top navigation bar. You can also close apps via the upper navigation bar. To do so, click the symbol "X" in the tab of the app you want to close.

2. Switching between apps

Apps running in the background are represented by gray tabs. Clicking on a gray tab brings the particular app to the foreground.

3. Help

You can reach the help by clicking .

4. Notification

Here you will be informed about news in your apps. New messages are displayed with a digit on the bell.

5. User profile

Via the user profile , you can configure personal settings for your SEEBURGERCustomer Portal user account. After opening the user profile, you can choose between the following setting options:

  • Account

    You can see the data of your user account here.

  • Password

    You can change your password here.

  • Contact

    You can enter your contact details (name, phone number, etc.) here.

  • Address

    You can enter your address (street, city etc.) here.

  • Settings

    You can specify, among other things, the time/region, the formats and general settings here.

6. Logging out

By clicking you can log out from the SEEBURGERCustomer Portal.

Find more information here:

> Editing your user profile