Making a change request

Making a change request

Change requests are meant for the implementation of new services, changes to existing processes and maintenances in IT infrastructure, i.e. for onboarding of new trading partners.

Change requests can be opened by your change request manager(s) whom you nominate in the beginning of your cooperation with SEEBURGER.

Please see the Service Guideline for SEEBURGER Cloud Services in the Service Desk for the description of the change request process.

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To open a change request via the Service Desk, follow these steps:

Selecting product and urgency

  1. Log in to the SEEBURGER Service Desk:

    Information: The log-in credentials will be sent to you via email in the SEEBURGER Welcome Pack or can be requested via phone call (+49 (0) 7252/96-1443).

    A form opens.
    The reference number in the field Reference No. is generated automatically.
    Information: In the field Ext. reference no., you can enter an external reference number in case you want to refer to an existing or an internal request.
  3. In the field Priority, select the urgency of your request.

  4. In the field Product, select the product referred to in your request.

Adding description and attachment

  1. Enter a Subject for your request.

  2. Enter a Description for your request.

    Information: The description can contain an error message, your analysis, recent changes on the system etc.
  3. In the field Attachment, you can:

    • click to add a new attachment as file or as link
    • click to remove an attachment
  4. Click Send in the upper left corner of the form to submit your request.

You can now see an overview of your requests.You will receive an email confirming that you have sent a request and opened an incident.

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