Mapping tools

Installation and operation

Installation and operation

Information: If you did not work with the BIC Mapping Designer before, we strongly recommend to take at least one of our training courses: Business Integration Converter 6 Basics, Business Integration Converter 6 Advanced and SEEXML.

> Training courses

To operate the BIC Mapping Designer, you need to install, configure and maintain the BIC Mapping Designer on your local machine. The installation files are delivered on a separate ISO image and ship a Java runtime for Windows operating systems (64-bit versions for AMD/Intel x64 compatible platforms).

The mapping repository, where the mapping source codes are held, is located in the iPaaS system. A URL connects the local BIC Mapping Designer and the repository. You can check out (download) a mapping source from the repository, make changes to the mapping, then check-in (upload) the mapping back to the repository. From the repository, you can activate and deploy a mapping on the staging and production environment.

You can define the mapping strategy yourself but we strongly recommend to follow the double conversion approach by using SEEXML as canonical format. Therefore, a SEEXML training is required.

    You can:

  • develop/change process mappings

  • develop/change direct mappings

  • develop/change custom partner mappings

You can request the development of process mappings at SEEBURGER. You can also request standard partner mappings at SEEBURGER. All SEEBURGER standard mappings will be delivered as compiled solutions. They can only be developed/changed by SEEBURGER.

Note: If you want to use SEEBURGER partner mappings, please make a change request in the Service Desk. The partner mappings will then be sent to you via email.

> Making a change request

We strongly recommend to follow SEEBURGER naming conventions for mappings and entities. Naming conventions will be introduced and documented during the initial project.

Information: The BIC Mapping Designer can be used in parallel to the BIS Mapping Designer because both tools cover different use cases. In the long term, the BIS Mapping Designer will replace the BIC Mapping Designer. Currently, the mappings from the BIC Mapping Designer cannot be transferred into the BIS Mapping Desinger. They must be created again.

You can find the installation and operating manuals for the BIC Mapping Designer in the app Documentation in your BIS Portal.

    At least the following three manuals can be useful for you:

  • Mapping Designer Installation: user manual for installing the BIC Mapping Designer

  • BIC MD Launcher: user manual for launching the BIC Mapping Designer

  • BIC Operation: user manual for operating the BIC Mapping Designer

Note: Operating the BIC Mapping Designer requires an on-premises license per seat as well as a maintenance contract. You can request and manage your licenses in the app BIS License Manager in the SEEBURGER Customer Portal:

> Licensing for the BIC Mapping Designer